About Us

The Name | Salt + Paperie
Confused about our name? Well, we wanted something that really encompassed our lifestyle & our spirit. We Gils are beach people. We love the sea, the sand, and the SALT. There's so many things that Salt means to us: It preserves things—like invitations & pictures preserve precious moments. Salt is left after you have a good sweat—we are all about some hard work over here. It's about 'the Salt of the earth'—we can do nothing without Jesus! And, we are definitely "Salt"-on-our-margaritas-kind-of-people! I could go on and on. We are all about the "the salt"! Now the "Paperie" (pronounced paper-e) part:  paperie is the English derived word from the French word papeterie, which means "packaged fancy stationery." Perfect, that's exactly us.
The Shop | Makers of Things 
We love working on custom pieces for our clients, but there's something that creatives need as an outlet to just... make things! The Salt + Paperie Shop is the outlet for the things that we designed because we just wanted to. Each piece is poured over, and carefully designed. Most of the things you'll find in the shop are words and colors of our lives. It's a scary thing, putting work out there that we actually love, hoping that you love it too!
The Founder | Jacki Gil 
Jacki was born and raised in North Alabama, specifically, a small mountain town called Grant. From a young age, she loved to draw and create with paper! In the fifth grade, her mom told her she should enter a hand-writing contest, because of her impeccable fifth grade cursive. As an eight-year-old, she avidly scrapbooked pictures of her Beanie Babies and practiced her bubble letters! Her love of paper & hand-lettering never died even into her college years. The kitchen table was often covered in crafts and pictures instead of pizza and beer. Graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Advertising & a minor in Studio Art was the beginning of a lifetime journey with design & paper. Although, interested in the quips of the advertising world Jacki quickly found out she was not cut out for the knock-you-down-to-get-to-the-top, big design firm work life. Huntsville, Alabama is home now, and although being in the creative industry in a left-brained town isn't easy, she wouldn't have it any other way.
Jacki lives in a small house in the middle of town, with lots of character & surrounding characters. She's the wife to an amazing husband, supporter, paper puncher & number cruncher, Rudy. He goes to work every day so that Jacki can continue to live her dream of owning her own business. They have two furry children, Delaney Jane, the black lab, and Captain Tucker, the welsh terrier. Our favorite things in life are Rosie's Cantina, the beach & traveling.